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Primary School Fire and Security Maintenance

June 15th, 2022|

Primary School Fire and Security Maintenance We have over 25 years of experience installing & maintaining fire alarms, security systems, CCTV and Access Control for the education sector across the UK. Our engineers can maintain all your fire and security systems because we are BAFE Registered & Third Party Accredited, SSAIB & CHAS Accredited Contractors. We keep them in great shape whilst keeping you compliant and saving you valuable time. The good news is, we don’t have to have supplied and installed the systems to do this. Our experienced engineers install and maintain a vast range of different manufacturers' equipment. Their skills and knowledge are second to none. Regularly our trained engineers will undertake installation, servicing, maintenance and repair of a range of fire alarm and security equipment. And because we know both systems, we can maintain both in a single visit. Benefits of having one fire and security maintenance provider Consolidating two essential safety services under one roof is easier than you might think. It also has hidden benefits that you might not have considered before: Having the knowledge of both systems [...]

Why Nimbus is great for unoccupied properties

June 15th, 2022|

Why is Nimbus the fire alarm add on we'd recommended for unoccupied properties? Well, it's an innovative fire alarm management system, providing control and visibility wherever you are. It’s a non-intrusive add-on to a fire alarm control panel. Nimbus communicates all activity within the fire alarm to a cloud-hosted database. Your activity is recorded in an infinite log. You can access it through any desktop or mobile internet connection. You can also set Nimbus to provide email reports. Giving you peace of mind whether you are on site or not. This is why it’s the perfect fire alarm system add-on if your premises are unoccupied for any periods of time. Why remote monitor your unoccupied building? With the number of unoccupied commercial properties reaching record highs especially since the pandemic, having visibility of your fire systems has never been more important. As of September 2019, there were 617,527 empty buildings across the UK. Commercial properties made up more than a quarter of this overall figure. Empty buildings are particularly more vulnerable to theft, vandalism and arson, as they’re seen as ‘easier targets’. How [...]

Maintain your school Fire and Security systems during the summer break

June 15th, 2022|

Are you a school or college that takes advantage of the long summer break for your much-needed repair and maintenance work? Teachers, staff and students alike all deserve a well-earned break, however just as schools are out for summer, this is when the majority of the repairs and maintenance work start! You might describe some of these tasks as urgent need-based projects to comply with health and safety issues and to keep children and staff safe. Like fire and security system updates, repairs or maintenance. Have you recently extended your school? If you have recently changed the use of some rooms, buildings or extended the number of classrooms and training buildings to house the ever-growing pupil numbers. You’ll need to carry out a fire risk assessment, and what better time than during the summer break. Fire risk assessments are just one of the tasks you need to keep on top of. Here are a few more reminders: Fire Alarm updates Fire Alarm maintenance Emergency lighting checks (in the dark) Fire doors and escape routes CCTV additions, repairs and maintenance Access control updates, new [...]

Care Home Fire Safety

June 14th, 2022|

An idea of a fire in any building is a scary thought, but a fire in a care home takes it to another level. Evacuating all your residents takes a long time, time they may not have when they are against the speed of a fire spreading throughout a building. Care and residential home environments present unique challenges, and the consequences of poor fire safety can be tragic. Even where they are not, fines associated with breaches of regulations can significantly impact the owners, residents, and providers. As BUPA Care Services found out when they were fined £1m following the death of a resident during a blaze in March 2016. Protecting the vulnerable Care home providers have faced fines in the tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds following prosecutions in respect of: Inadequate or poorly maintained fire alarms. Care homes should generally have a system that includes fire detectors in all rooms as well as fire alarms in all bedrooms and throughout the home Inadequate or poorly maintained emergency lighting Failures relating to fire doors within their premises Inadequate or out-of-date fire [...]

Logistics: Warehouses fire tips

May 24th, 2022|

Logistics: Warehouses Fire Tips Over the past few years the transport and logistic sector have seen the most change. Whilst everyone was being told to stay home we heavily relied on the transport and logistics sector to maintain the delivery of goods. Most importantly food and medical supplies, which had seen a substantial increase in demand. Everyone working in this industry were also identified as key workers given the importance of maintaining a supply network during the COVID-19 crisis. So, as you can imagine, this was their busiest time. Growth is good for a company however, when it’s almost forced or at break-neck speed some things have to give. The fear of not knowing the duration of this new-found demand, would have resulted in: Some logistic companies may not have wanted to relocate to larger premises Resulting in over stocked warehouses, Maybe hiring additional vehicles and equipment over than buying them etc. All of which can result in mistakes being made and potential allowing a dangerous space for accidents to happen. Warehouse fires can spread very quick as one self-storage warehouse owner in [...]

Zero Charge for Telephone Fixes – Another Benefit of partnering with SS Systems

May 17th, 2022|

That's right, we support our customers with telephone fixes at no additional cost. Whats a Telephone Fix? Have you ever had an engineer come to site, just to press a reset button? Has this then cost you over £100 for this service? Well... Our team of multi-discipline trained engineers are able to assess and provide solutions over the phone. For all our fire and security maintenance customers we provide remote telephone fixes. This means you can pick up the phone without the worry of an invoice following. Through our experienced customer service team, we can pinpoint how to help and do so whilst you’re still on the phone. For example, if you are experiencing a fire alarm fault where the system requires a reset, we can help you identify over the phone exactly where the problem is and give you instructions on how to rectify it. Our internal service team will gain all the information from you and review with an engineer who knows your site and systems. The engineer will then call you to discuss further and talk you through step by [...]

Protecting And Maintaining Heritage Sites And Their Assets

May 12th, 2022|

Protecting And Maintaining Heritage Sites And Their Assets Looking after historical buildings and their assets has been part of our working portfolio over the last 25 years. Our qualified experienced engineers have carefully installed and maintained fire and security equipment on-site at some of the country’s finest properties. We work on a regular basis with the largest UK heritage trusts. We have a vast amount of experience in this challenging sector. Covering both Fire and Security Protection. We know all the Heritage sector challenges: Protecting the character Preserving historical aspects Installing equipment around the listed building regulations Securing content, artefacts, and assets in general Ensure the people within it are safe and secure The latter could be both residents or public footfall. This is because some of the stately homes that we manage asset protection and system maintenance for are privately owned. That said, we also love to partner with specialist architects, and historic building experts. Combining our different services and disciplines in a shared (historical) passion is a great thing to do. How we work We work with due diligence and carry [...]

Fire safety in Food Manufacturing

May 9th, 2022|

Fire safety In Food Manufacturing Food manufacturing has a poor reputation for fire losses sustained in factories. As food is being processed and packed, there are ample opportunities for fires to break out. To minimise your loss of property, stock, and life, basic safety measures must be maintained and managed. We hope this article helps you to do this. The original three fire factors Air, fuel and heat sources, are all required to produce food. Then, when you throw in another (combustible) ingredient, dust, into the mix, there is no wonder why the risk is increased. If you're the responsible person for fire safety in your food business, you need to pay attention to specific areas of fire safety. So, what are the most common causes of fire in Food Manufacturing The seven most common causes of Fire are: Faulty equipment. Faulty electrics such as loose wires or defective equipment can overheat and cause sparks. Lighting. Check yours are not too close to flammable materials. Unclean ducting. Dirty ducting in your extraction system increases your risk of fire. Cooking. Where there is oil [...]

Fire safety in secondary schools

May 5th, 2022|

Fire Safety In Secondary Schools All students and staff must be safe at school, specifically concerning fire safety. The FPA confirmed that 40 schools a month suffered fires in 2019. How does fire safety in schools work? Schools are legally required to have a fire safety plan, and it's called a Fire Safety Risk Assessment (FSRA). Like every school, every school’s FSRA will be different. That said, there are some commonalities illustrated below: Schools are required to have regular fire drills, ensuring everyone is familiar with the evacuation process. Fire Wardens need to be listed on the FRSA. All fire detection and alarm systems need to be maintained. Fire safety plans are required to be in place at all times. Which in turn reduces the likelihood of a fire. School Fire Risk Assessments It’s crucial that all schools keep on top of their fire assessments and keep their fire precautions current. They need to be reviewed regularly. Especially if any significant changes have occurred. Like a classroom change of use, or maybe an extension has recently been built etc. According to the analysis [...]

Same Excellent Fire And Security Services But With A New Exciting Website.

April 5th, 2022|

For a while now we have been working behind the scenes on a new website. Finally, our hard work has now paid off and it’s LIVE. You can view our new website here. As you will see when you land on our new website we go into more detail around our six main Fire and Security services, these being: Fire Risk Assessments, read more here Fire Alarm Systems, read more here Fire Safety Equipment, read more here Intruder Alarm Systems, read more here CCTV, read more here Access Control, read more here Our main six sectors that we specialise in We have also showcased our six key sectors, of which we have over 25 years of experience. Many of these sectors can be of a sensitive nature when either surveying, installing or maintaining fire and security systems. For instance, the NHS will have a high patient population or the Heritage sector will have certain installation restraints from a listed building perspective. None of which phase us with our years of expertise. The sectors we specialise in [...]

Restaurant Fire Safety

April 5th, 2022|

Restaurant Fire Safety The kitchen is the heart of every great restaurant. It is also a hectic and dangerous place. Hence our dedicated article is solely on restaurant fire safety. Fires can have a massive impact on a business’s continuity and reputation, causing extensive property damage. Not to mention they can result in severe injury or fatality. 70% of fires in commercial kitchens originate in faulty extract ventilation systems due to a build-up of fat and grease (Kent Fire & Rescue). This substance is highly flammable and, when left uncleaned, increases the threat of fire dramatically. The British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) found that fires involving restaurants and cafes represent 42% of all fires within the food and drink sector. Food and drink-related fires are statistically the third most likely to cause large fires in the UK (BAFE). So how can your restaurant ensure it will not become part of these statistics? The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005 states that your extract systems must be part of your fire risk assessment with action taken to reduce any possible fire risk [...]

Managing Healthcare Fire Safety

April 5th, 2022|

Managing Healthcare Fire Safety Why is fire safety important in the healthcare sector? Fire safety is an essential part of any healthcare facility. It can be a daunting task for anyone to understand the importance of fire safety in healthcare facilities. The importance is due to the number of potentially vulnerable people at risk on the premises. Whether a hospital, care home, or medical practice of any kind. With the likelihood of many patients struggling with mobility, evacuation procedures become more complex. Understanding what the common hazards might be in these environments becomes all the more important. So, what are the common Healthcare fire hazards. With the amount of electrical equipment required on-site at many healthcare facilities, the potential for fires breaking out through faulty or heavily overloaded sockets is high. Kitchen facilities, can be a constant threat – particularly in the care home environment. As round-the-clock care is provided for a large number of people and it’s in use at all times. Cooking fats, electrical ovens, hobs, toasters, open flames and more are all potential hazards. Surprisingly for a healthcare environment, cigarette [...]

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