Derby Fire Alarms

Supply, Design and Install Derby Fire Alarms

SS Systems Derby Fire Alarms design and install in all commercial and large premises.

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Fire alarm systems are the most important alarm for any large building or commercial premises and ensuring you have a modern system for a fast and reliable response is essential for the safety of your staff, residents and property. We are specialist in hard-wired, wireless and aspirating fire alarm systems to give you peace of mind that everyone will be safe in the event of a fire.

Our highly trained engineers work to the UK’s British Standards and BAFE industry compliance to support your commercial Derby Fire Alarms system from supply and architectural plans through to installation and maintenance.

SS Systems carefully manage and agree with you throughout the project, whether it is a new install, upgrading, working along side or maintaining your fire alarm system.

At SS Systems we are technically able to install wireless or hard wired Derby Fire Alarms, and offer free surveys so that we can ensure your Derby Fire Alarms adhere to British Standard regulation, and suit your individual requirements.

We are a family company with qualified and certified staff who will manage your requirements in a professional manner.

Call us on 0845 402 3046 to speak to one of our friendly team.

Fire Alarms Derby Main Features

  • Fast and efficient installation with no long cable runs
  • Minimal disruption to day-to-day activities on site
  • Easy removal of system when changing premises
  • Unit battery life up to 5 years
  • Easily integrated into existing hard-wired and wireless systems
  • Flexible options to evolve with demands of the premises
  • Full compliance with industry regulations (BAFE)
  • Systems designed to BS5839 part 1:2013
  • Nationwide coverage

Servicing and Maintenance

We offer different levels of servicing and maintenance plans with Derby Fire Alarms, so you can be confident that in the event of a fire, your residents, staff and premises will always get the reliable warning they need to stay safe.

Our servicing and maintenance plans include:

  • Free advice on testing
  • 24 hour call out facility, 365 days a year
  • Fully qualified engineers
  • Full compliance with current legislation
  • Maintenance visits arranged at your convenience
  • Full visit report and recommendations
  • System modifications
  • Dedicated service manager

Call us on 0845 402 3046 to speak to one of our friendly team.

Wireless Derby Fire Alarms Install

A wireless fire alarm will not prevent a fire from happening.  It will, however, ensure that people are evacuated as quickly as possible – they are installed in order to save lives.

There was a fire this week at one of our clients’ premises in Derby.  We installed a state of the art wire free fire alarm there about 12 months ago.  When we install a wireless fire alarm system, it’s not simply a case of fitting equipment and leaving.  Each of our systems takes time to plan – we work with the managers on site to ensure that both the wireless fire alarm and the evacuation procedures are up to date and in excellent working order.

The fire at the Assembly Rooms reaffirmed our belief that if you are going to install a wireless fire alarm, you must take care to ensure it is fit for purpose and provides the best in fire protection.

Not only do we aim to provide the best protection possible.  At SS Systems we go one step further.  The benefit of installing a wireless fire alarm is that it can be programmed to cover different zones, which means that if one area of a building is being renovated or improved, the wireless fire alarm in the rest of the building can still work to protect occupants.

At the client’s premises, we were allowed back on site within a few days.  Once we were there, we were able to download information from the system to give to the relevant authorities.  Then our engineers worked to ensure that other areas of the building were secure.

Call us on 0845 402 3046 to speak to one of our friendly team.