Nimbus Fire Alarm Management Systems

Nimbus has helped a large number of our clients to provide greater control and awareness, and a more modern approach to Fire Alarm Management. The Nimbus cloud-based remote fire alarm management solution offers visibility of your entire portfolio of fire systems, anywhere, anytime. Access is provided via mobile app or web browser, regardless of fire panel type or manufacturer.

The Nimbus gateway is a simple and quick add-on to any fire panel and connects via an existing internet service or the on-board mobile network service. Making it a great choice for all of our clients throughout the UK, whether they be remote properties, single occupied sites, or multi-site national client

Benefits of Nimbus include:

• Access Data from anywhere

• Connects to multiple fire alarm control panels

• Instant event notifications

• Reduce wasted time and money from unconfirmed fire events

• Stay compliant with automated testing and service notifications

• Improve efficiency with automated service reports

• Automatic capture of testing

• Providing unequivocal proof that your service provider testing 100% of your system within the year

In addition to the benefits of keeping you up to date with maintenance and testing schedules for compliance legislation, Nimbus also works seamlessly with your monitoring services, giving the control centre detailed information, allowing them to make the best call to action in the event of a potential fire risk.

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As a central source of information Nimbus helps reduce paperwork, delays, and inaccuracies, with historical and real-time data available instantly. All available with multiple criteria search features, making it easy to obtain the information you require. Nimbus is an innovative fire alarm management system providing control and monitoring wherever you are. A non-intrusive add-on to a fire alarm control panel. Nimbus communicates all activity to a cloud-hosted database. Activity is recorded to an infinite log. Users access Nimbus through any desktop or mobile internet connection.

• Generate reports – Reports can be generated to match the search criteria such as date, time, site, panel, loop, device and event.

• Record weekly test – Weekly tests are recorded to a purpose log for compliance reporting. Service testing is recorded to a purpose log for compliance reporting.

• Receive event notifications – Receive notifications of fire, fault, isolation, etc. by email, mobile phone application and secure IP networking. Notifications include the device location and description details as programmed within the fire alarm control panel/s.

• Record additional data to device activity – Mobile phone applications allow service and test data to be centrally recorded. Engineering performance is improved by the use of mobile phone interaction.

• Connects to most UK Fire Alarm control panels – Nimbus is compatible with most UK analogue addressable fire alarm control panels and presents the system status and data in a simple to use common format.

• Independent evidence of testing – Nimbus records the actual fire alarm control panel activity, recording specific details of individual device status and identity information.

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“Our existing intruder system and devices had become obsolete and did not meet with current installation standards. SS Systems provided a modern hybrid system that provided a logistical solution without disruption to the fabric of the property. SS Systems now provide us with the necessary support and ongoing preventative maintenance service.” – Phil Blunt, Owner, Adby Farm

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