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We are looking for a fire alarm engineer who has multiple years of experience installing and commissioning fire alarms.

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As Service Coordinator, you will be responsible for ensuring that all our customers’ fire and security systems are maintained on time.

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Onsite Engineer at SS Systems:

The company as a whole feels very intimate and everyone looks after each other. If you have any issues there is a freedom to speak to anyone within the company for unbiased judgement free support. Also the work we do within the industry is extremely diverse and interesting which makes for a better working experience.

The engineering team again is extremely close and everyone is willing to help each other. I’ve never felt alone or lost within any job or issue as there is always someone to help. Everyone understands we’re all in the same job and we’ve all got a job to do so we just try our best to help each other out and get jobs done to the best of our capability.

Engineers that join this company need to have a really good work ethic and openness to learn and teach. Be honest, take responsibility and be passionate about the work we do and have pride in their own work. It’s not often that we work in teams but when we do they must be able to ask the right questions if they don’t understand and listen carefully to instructions. If they have any other good opinions or suggestions they must feel comfortable speaking out.


Onsite Apprentice Engineer at SS Systems:

“SS Systems allows me to do a modern job in historic environments which is unique. I don’t know many companies that give this sort of opportunity. Every job is different which forces you to find different solutions to problems, which keeps it interesting.

Even though I’ve not been here too long, I’ve been made to feel like a big part of the team. It definitely feels like your apart of something bigger. All the engineers I’ve worked with so far always check up on each other to see how people are getting on. Because of the different backgrounds and experience that people have there’s always someone you can call if you need a hand.

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt is you need to have an open mind. Like I said in the first question, every job is different so just because something worked on one job doesn’t mean it will on the next so I’d say that is an important mindset to have. As far as skills and experience goes as much as possible is beneficial. I didn’t realise how hard it was to find fire/security engineers until I started here.”


Onsite Engineer at SS Systems:

Excellent management and colleagues, being able to go round all heritage sites and trust sites. Well equipped modern vans and up to date equipment.

Very helpful and supportive team, readily available tech support from other engineers for all disciplines and vast site knowledge.

Ability to carry out a maintenance to BS-5839, fault find on addressable and conventional systems. Methodical approach to jobs and willing to challenge office with issues.