The benefits of workplace CCTV

In the last few years, there has been a massive increase in the use of video surveillance systems. The reasons for this are many and varied, but one thing is sure: they work! It’s estimated that over half of all businesses now have some form of security system installed on their premises. Which, means that more than two million people across Britain rely on these devices to keep them safe from crime.

However, not everyone who uses CCTV sees its full potential. Many companies still don’t realise how effective these cameras can be when used correctly – which is why SS Systems believe that every business should install an appropriate camera network.

Here are just five ways that CCTV can benefit your workplace…

  1. It’s an effective crime deterrent,
  2. Monitoring on-site activity and protecting your assets, 
  3. Collecting evidence for criminal prosecutions should any occur,
  4. Perimeter protection,
  5. Keeping records of attendance, timekeeping and more (staff and visitors)

Workplace CCTV systems help security teams manage a range of security threats and objectives

We’ve been protecting people and premises since 1997. Here are a few examples of the sectors we specialise in and what they use CCTV to: 
  • Heritage sector – we specialise in historic and listed building CCTV systems. We supply and fit security systems that adhere to strict conservator regulations. It’s so important as it acts as a significant deterrent against theft, break-ins and malicious damage.
  • Hotels – our CCTV systems help the hotel management and security teams monitor the premises, keep guests, visitors, and property safe
  • Schools – the benefits of CCTV cameras in schools, college’s and universities are vast. Security cameras in schools help prevent crime, anti-social behaviour and also provide evidence in disputes. CCTV in Schools for surveillance and as a deterrent can work well, especially if linked to other systems such as access control. They can be linked to recording devices and can provide evidence in the event of a criminal act.
  • Office-based businesses – there is a range of commercial CCTV systems for all types of offices. We help deliver a range of security objectives for business owners.
  • Warehouses – warehouse CCTV systems help protect assets, goods, and the safety and security of staff. Warehouses often contain millions of pounds of equipment and goods; therefore, a solid, robust business CCTV system is a must in any stock-based business.
  • Factories – factory CCTV systems help protect assets, restricted areas goods, and the safety and security of staff. It’s also good to have from a health and safety point of view if there are any accidents and the amount of machinery in a factory is generally high.

Other places where CCTV is good to have, is your staff car parks, out-buildings, shops and retail outlets, farms, solar parks, you name it.

CCTV and The Data Protection Act

If your business uses CCTV, you may have to register your details with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and pay a data protection fee, this is dependent on the use and type of system you have in place.

It also good practice to use appropriate signage to tell people that you a working CCTV in situ.

We know it’s essential to have a system designed specifically for your premises. This is why we offer a full System Design Proposal. Completed by a trained surveyor, to give maximum coverage and the best possible protection.

SS Systems can help you every step of the way with your CCTV requirements:

  • Our trained surveyors come on-site and carry out an Audit/Full System Design Proposal
  • We can take away the findings and design a CCTV system specifically for your premises
  • If approved, we can install with our very own experienced CCTV installation staff
  • We provide training you and your security staff on the system
  • We can carry out a monitoring service 
  • Annual maintenance and servicing is an additional service we do for many of our CCTV customers
  • Emergency callout/repairs

When supplying and installing we only use the highest quality systems from leading manufacturers.  Within our audit findings, we will help you decide what is best for you and your business.

Some of the considerations will be: 

  • Do you need a static or fully functional camera system?
  • Is an Analogue or IP CCTV system best for you?   
  • Is a flexible hard-wired or a wireless system best for your premises?
  • Which best suit your needs; static or fully functional pan, tilt and zoom cameras?
  • Is one of your requirements to have remote video surveillance? Etc.

We work in full compliance with industry regulations (SSAIB) and with the CCTV Code of Practice. The monitoring system we use is Police approved.

Our expert, specialist, business security system installers are always on hand to provide expert advice on a range of commercial CCTV systems. To talk to one of them today call us on 03300 417170.

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