Posted November 22, 2016

IP CCTV versus Analogue CCTV

There have been amazing developments in the arena of CCTV over the last few years, especially with regard to IP CCTV.

Analogue CCTV systems have been around for years. The systems are easy to follow – you place a number of cameras around the perimeter of the property, link each one of them to a recording device, plug in a tape or disc and you’re good to go.

Images on a typical analogue system are of a fairly low resolution. The recording devices are quite basic, so if there is any back tracking to be done, the entire recording has to be watched in order to find the right section of tape. It is, however, a relatively low cost and a fair deterrent.

IP CCTV has brought about significant changes in how an organisation can protect its buildings and the people inside.

First of all, what is IP CCTV? “IP” stands for “Internet Protocol”. It works like this: the cameras take an image, which is then converted into data and transmitted over a network or internet connection.

There are a number of benefits for the consumer, including:

  • Higher resolution images. The cameras are typically 3 mega pixels but can range up to 20 if the consumer so wishes.
  • Multi-site capability. With analogue CCTV, each site has to have its own recording device. With IP CCTV, all sites can be linked across the one network, enabling images to be recorded and viewed in one central location.
  • Ease of installation. Each camera does not needs its own power source, using power from the network cable only. Analogue CCTV required a cable laying to each camera, then back to the recording device. IP CCTV negates that, reducing the need for unsightly cables. This makes the installation quicker and cheaper, especially for additions to the system.
  • Triggers. The system can be programmed to trigger another action. For example, if a CCTV camera senses movement, a signal can be sent to a monitoring station or a speaker to alert the intruder that the camera has been triggered.
  • Integration. An IP CCTV system can be integrated with other digital systems such as an intruder alarm, access control systems and IP phone systems.
  • Playback. If an incident is known to have happened at a certain time, the recording can be referred to immediately, rather than having to plough through reams of recording with an analogue CCTV system.

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