Posted May 24, 2022

Logistics: Warehouses Fire Tips

Over the past few years the transport and logistic sector have seen the most change. Whilst everyone was being told to stay home we heavily relied on the transport and logistics sector to maintain the delivery of goods. Most importantly food and medical supplies, which had seen a substantial increase in demand.

Everyone working in this industry were also identified as key workers given the importance of maintaining a supply network during the COVID-19 crisis. So, as you can imagine, this was their busiest time.

Growth is good for a company however, when it’s almost forced or at break-neck speed some things have to give.

The fear of not knowing the duration of this new-found demand, would have resulted in:

  • Some logistic companies may not have wanted to relocate to larger premises
  • Resulting in over stocked warehouses,
  • Maybe hiring additional vehicles and equipment over than buying them etc.

All of which can result in mistakes being made and potential allowing a dangerous space for accidents to happen.

Warehouse fires can spread very quick as one self-storage warehouse owner in Croydon found out.

How to manage fire risks in warehouses

There are a range of fire risks in these a warehouse environment – the presence of large quantities of potentially closely-stacked combustible materials being an obvious one. Inevitably the combustion risk will vary depending on the nature of what is being stored due to different materials having different flammability risks if exposed to a heat source.

Electrical issues can also present problems; given the scale of the building. Detecting a small-scale fault that could go on to become the cause of a large blaze is challenging.

Heating is another. Keeping warehouses warm enough for people to work in can be problematic. Yes, they need to be heated during the colder months but the combination of heat sources and large quantities of flammable materials must be carefully managed.

In a previous blog we cover how to reduce your risk of a warehouse fire’. Click through and read our tips on preventing a warehouse fire.

One of the tips we mention in the blog is to carry out regular Fire Risk Assesment’s and because warehouses are a different beast altogether we accumulated all our advice into an article of its own. Which you can read here.

Warehouse Fire Risk Assessments the SS Systems way

We understand that the process can be disruptive and time-consuming, so our aim is to remove the hassle. When our experienced team conduct site Fire Risk Assessments they always provide a full written report. This details any significant findings and solutions within 10 working days.

We are a BAFE SP205 Accredited Fire Risk Assessor organisation.

As a BAFE Registered & Third Part Accredited, CHAS Accredited Contractor, our qualified surveyors and engineers are ideal candidates to design, install, audit, repair, service, maintain fire protection systems in your office/warehouse.

Risk Assessments are second nature to us.

If you would like to discuss your fire risk assessment requirements or find out how we can assist further please contact us at or call 03300 417 170.

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