Posted November 29, 2022

Limited Time Offer

How To Claim Your Free Fire Extinguisher Servicing…

Free Fire Extiguisher Servicing

If you are a New Customer

Simply sign up to a fire alarm maintenance agreement as a new customer with SS Systems before the end of January 2023, and we will service up to 30 fire extinguishers for FREE.

If you are an Existing Customer

If you have a new site or add the maintenance of an additional discipline that you don’t currently have with us, before the end of January 2023, you can also take advantage of receiving the service of up to 30 fire extinguishers for FREE.

To see if you qualify for this offer, please fill out the contact form below to arrange a free, no obligation site survey.

The Service will include:

  • Visual Inspection & Cleaning of the extinguishers
  • Check the units for wear & tear, damage, and corrosion.
  • Check the pressure readings of the extinguishers and record
  • Weigh the Fire Extinguisher to ensure correct weight
  • Review and report any extinguishers that require replacing either due to age or failing the maintenance checks
  • Provide recommendations on any potential at risk areas and what may be required

    Our engineers are certified to BAFE SP101 Fire Extinguisher and we are audited annually to ensure we are delivering the right extinguisher service.

    *Our FREE maintenance package is exclusive of any small consumables such as O rings, Tamper tags, Washers and Horns.

    Contact us today for a Free Site Survey to claim your Free Fire Extinguisher Servicing.

    Simply leave us your details and one of our friendly team will get in touch and arrange a call back or site visit.

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