Posted March 24, 2014

Wireless Fire Alarms – Derby Assembly Rooms

A wireless fire alarm will not prevent a fire from happening. It will, however, ensure that people are evacuated as quickly as possible – they are installed in order to save lives.

There was a fire this week at the Derby Assembly rooms – one of our clients’ premises. We installed a state of the art wireless fire alarm there about 12 months ago. When we install a wireless fire alarm system, it’s not simply a case of fitting equipment and leaving. Each of our systems takes time to plan – we work with the managers on site to ensure that both the wireless fire alarm and the evacuation procedures are up to date and in excellent working order.

The fire at the Assembly Rooms reaffirmed our belief that if you are going to install a wireless fire alarm, you must take care to ensure it is fit for purpose and provides the best in fire protection.

Not only do we aim to provide the best protection possible. At SS Systems we go one step further. The benefit of installing a wireless fire alarm is that it can be programmed to cover different zones, which means that if one area of a building is being renovated or improved, the wireless fire alarm in the rest of the building can still work to protect occupants.

At the Derby Assembly rooms we were allowed back on site within a few days. Once we were there, we were able to download information from the system to give to the relevant authorities. Then our engineers worked to ensure that other areas of the building were secure.

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