Posted September 22, 2023

What Is Involved With A Fire Risk Assessment?

What does the fire risk assessment entail? A fire risk assessment involves a comprehensive examination that identifies potential risks and hazards within a commercial property. Given that the Responsible Person holds legal responsibility for the property, they are required to ensure that a competent individual has carried out the fire risk assessment.

The assessment encompasses five key steps:

Step 1: Identification of hazards on the premises

For instance, sources of fuel, oxygen, and ignition must be appropriately stored and separated to prevent unintentional combustion.

Step 2: Identification of high-risk individuals

Certain individuals within the building might be particularly vulnerable in the event of a fire, such as children, older adults, or individuals with disabilities. Extra measures may be necessary to ensure their timely alert and evacuation. The fire risk assessment must outline safe evacuation procedures for them.

Step 3: Risk Evaluation, Reduction, and Protection

The plan should assess the specific risk level for the property and work to eliminate fire hazards whenever possible. Keeping flammable materials away from ignition sources. Substituting risky materials with less hazardous or flame-resistant alternatives.Implementing a sound smoking policy. Regarding fire detection and alarm systems, installing a reliable fire detection and alarm system tailored to the property’s size and nature, capable of promptly detecting fires and notifying occupants.

Equipping the premises with fire extinguishers, having functional, in-date multipurpose fire extinguishers. Placing one fire extinguisher per every 200m² of the property and ensuring the presence of fire doors. Fire safety exit doors along the escape path must be operable without the need for a key or specialised training. In buildings with high occupancy, doors along the escape path should be operable using push pads or push bars and establishing safe escape routes. Every occupant must have access to a designated escape route, with clear emergency signs guiding their way.

Step 4: Recording, Planning, Informing, Instructing, and Training

The Responsible Person must document significant findings and actions taken. Collaborate with other responsible parties and develop an emergency plan. Inform and instruct relevant individuals with training.

Step 5: Review and Revision

Regularly reviewing and updating the risk assessment is essential to ensure its continued effectiveness. Have you had a fire or a near miss or have stock levels changed significantly or have you started to store chemicals or dangerous substances for example?

Which buildings fall under the scope of the new fire regulations?

The regulations pertain to any building in England containing two or more residential units. This includes various types of structures like residential buildings, mixed-use developments, new or renovated apartment complexes, student housing, multi-family homes, and senior living facilities. The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 classify multi-occupied residential buildings into three categories:

  • All multi-occupied residential buildings with two or more sets of domestic premises.
  • Multi-occupied residential buildings above 11 meters.
  • High-rise, multi-occupied residential buildings above 18 meters (equivalent to seven stories or more).

Who should do my Fire Risk Assessment?

It depends on how large or complex your business or organisation is.

  • Large complex business – If your business is larger or more complex, contact an SS Systems expert to come and help. Our responsibilities lie in making sure you have an appropriate assessment.
  • SME or smaller organisation – If your business or organisation is relatively small and you think your potential risks aren’t complex you should still consider using expert advice.
  • Heritage buildings – If you’re responsible for a museum, gallery or historic building, we strongly recommend that your fire risk assessment is carried out by a Competent Person / Assessor.

Can we do your Fire Risk Assessment for you?

Yes we are here to ensure that you have this process undertaken using an appropriate assessment process. Find out more at or complete the enquiry form on this page to arrange for one of our Fire Risk Assessors to visit your location.

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