Posted September 12, 2023

Updates Regarding Fire Retardant Batteries & The Low Voltage Directive Have Been Released

The UK Fire Alarm and Maintenance industry sector has been requested to ensure that all combustible plastic materials within fire enclosures carry a flammability rating of V-2 or higher. This directive is explained in the provided guidance document, highlighting its importance for fire professionals and businesses to stay informed about the latest fire safety developments.


The Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) establishes essential safety criteria for electrical equipment operating within specific voltage ranges. The focus on achieving a flammability rating of V-2 or better within fire enclosures drives the need for this guidance. The directive covers various aspects including power supplies, control equipment, and components like batteries, with the primary objective of ensuring only safe products enter the market and adhere to fundamental safety objectives.

The adoption of flame-retardant batteries is becoming increasingly crucial

It is imperative for installation and maintenance technicians to adhere to these flammability requirements and confirm appropriate ratings with their suppliers. The adoption of flame-retardant batteries, such as those meeting UL 94 V2 or higher standards, is becoming increasingly crucial, even when not explicitly mandated. The industry’s commitment to heightened safety standards, including EN IEC 62368-1, is evident through this transition. The guidance furnished here equips fire professionals and businesses with the necessary insights to effectively navigate the stipulations for fire retardant batteries as outlined by the Low Voltage Directive.

What is IEC 62368-1:2023?

IEC 62368-1:2023 represents a product safety standard that categorises energy sources, establishes protective measures against these sources, and provides guidance for their application and necessary prerequisites. The specified safeguards aim to minimise the likelihood of harm, injury, and property damage in case of fires. The introduction of this standard aids designers in comprehending the underlying safety principles required for designing secure equipment. These principles serve as informative guidelines rather than substitutes for the comprehensive requirements laid out in the document. The latest version of this standard was published in 2023.

Compliance with the low voltage directive

For manufacturers of equipment seeking compliance with the Low Voltage Directive, one approach involves designing and testing products in accordance with established product safety standards. Historically, Fire & Security companies have referred to safety standards EN IEC 60960-1 and EN IEC 60065. However, these standards have now been succeeded by EN IEC 62368-1. IEC 60065 and IEC 60950-1 standards were withdrawn in December 2020, with IEC 62368-1 taking effect on the same day. For a consultation or advice on product safety standards complete the enquiry form below. There has been a lot of news about batteries in relation to equipment, devices and fire related aspects. SS Systems will ensure not only compliance, but also an optimum solution for your location.

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