Posted July 25, 2023

The UK Home Office Launches Surveys For Fire Risk Assessors & Responsible Persons

The Home Office has initiated an important project involving surveys targeted at “Responsible Persons” and fire risk assessors. These surveys aim to enhance the government’s understanding of individuals engaged in fire risk assessments and their responses to recent changes in fire safety legislation.

Background to the survey

The amendments introduced, including the Fire Safety Act 2021, the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, and the Building Safety Act 2022, are expected to have a considerable impact on the fire risk assessment market. Therefore, the Home Office is eager to gauge the sector’s capacity and capabilities. To gather comprehensive insights, the Home Office is collaborating with industry, taking into account concerns about professionalisation in the fire risk assessment field. The survey responses will play a vital role in supporting this endeavor.

Do you conduct fire risk assessments?

Those who conduct fire risk assessments, whether for a fee or for buildings under their or their employers’ management, are invited to participate in the survey. The survey will cover various aspects, including the methods used for assessments, the types of buildings assessed, and the training and CPD completed by the assessors. The UK and devolved Governments will utilise the survey results to shape their policy development efforts.

Professional development opportunities

While some questions may be familiar to those who participated in a previous survey last year, this survey will focus more on the career paths of assessors and the available professional development opportunities. The Home Office encourages individuals to share the survey invitation with others involved in fire risk assessments to increase response rates and enhance the overall understanding of the fire risk assessment workforce.

Risk assessment survey

The survey will be open until Monday, July 31, and is expected to take approximately ten minutes to complete. Participation is entirely voluntary, and all responses will be treated confidentially, with no names of individuals or organizations included in any reporting. Like the fire risk assessors’ survey, participation in the “Responsible Persons” survey is voluntary, and respondents’ identities will be kept confidential in all reporting. The survey will be accessible until Monday, July 31, and is estimated to take around 15 minutes to complete.

Are you classed as a responsible person?

Additionally, the Home Office is conducting a separate survey specifically for “Responsible Persons.” The purpose is to investigate how recent fire safety legislation changes have impacted these individuals in England. The government aims to gain valuable insights into how “Responsible Persons” have responded to the changes. Both individuals and organisations acting as “Responsible Persons” are invited to participate in the survey. For organisations, if you are not the designated “Responsible Person,” kindly pass the survey on to the appropriate individual. The survey will explore the respondents’ experiences, the buildings under their responsibility, and their awareness of current and future fire safety legislation changes.

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