Posted July 28, 2021

Simply a Nimbus fire alarm system is:

  • A highly innovative fire alarm management system that can be bolted onto a pre-existing system.
  • Intelligent, and communicative. It will send intelligent messages to fire doors, sprinkler valves, and your HVAC system.
  • A non-intrusive add-on to a fire alarm control panel.
  • Controls and monitors all activity on the cloud.
  • Your online infinite log book that includes all test notes, test zones and engineer’s notes.
  • It’s accessible through any device from any location.

Nimbus is created by Lan Control Systems, and can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of your fire alarm system while helping you save money.

If you are looking for a modern approach to your fire alarm system then the Nimbus is possibly the best option. Installation is simple with the intuitive Nimbus Gateway plugging into your central panel.

Here’s a summary of the Nimbus benefits:

  • The Nimbus is quick to install and will not impact the performance of your current fire alarm system.
  • The Nimbus can store a massive amount of data.
  • With the Nimbus, you can set up weekly fire alarm tests, automatically.
  • The Nimbus App provides all data, so it’s paperless.
  • By having a Nimbus it means you are compliant with all UK fire regulations. Giving you peace of mind.
  • In the event of a fire, the Nimbus system pinpoints the exact location ensuring a speedy and safe plan of action

We currently have on offer, a Nimbus maintenance package (24 month term).

Because we can monitor your addressable control panel from afar, the maintenance is easier. We can be proactive, manage preventative maintenance and know what tools are required in advance of coming out.

Our Nimbus maintenance contract covers the following: 

  • A full on-site audit inspection.
  • We make everything is in working order. Leaving you covered.
  • It’s completely hassle-free.
  • We get in touch with you and prompt your next service.
  • Our trained engineers will service your Nimbus to standard, BS5839-1.
  • You will receive an online comprehensive service log.
  • Peace of mind, knowing you are safe and compliant. 

We know how great value our maintenance contracts are. We really do look after and support our customers.

At the end of the day your safety means everything to us. 

SS Systems can deliver a future-proof fire safety solution to suit your exact needs. Not only do we install new fire safety systems, but our extensive maintenance and care plan packages also ensure you are getting the best performance from your Nimbus.

Alternatively, if you have an existing system that wasn’t installed by us but needs maintaining? Don’t worry, we can still help.

So please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either way, us on, or call 03300 417 170.