Posted November 8, 2019

Well what a morning it’s been at SS Systems!

For those of you who don’t know, we are in the middle of the flooded area on Sheffield Road, Rotherham.  As of 5pm last night, all was well with the world – only an hour later our MD was sat in his office upstairs when he heard a strange noise.  On peering out of the window, all he could see was water! (Thankfully he did manage to get home).

The whole of our downstairs has been under 3 feet of water.  Thankfully, the water has subsided a little and is now forming a mini-moat around the building.

It’s times like this that we become extremely grateful for the fact that we have a robust disaster recovery programme!  Despite having no phone lines this morning, our team were able to work alongside our service providers to ensure that our clients have been able to get in touch with us and that we can continue to offer the high level of service they come to expect of us.

All staff are safe and well and are working from home, able to access all our records and job management systems. The normal phone lines are back up and running and are being answered by our staff. You can continue to contact us via email and we will respond as we always do.

If you have any issue with your fire alarm or security system then contact us in the usual ways we will deal with it for you.

The only thing we need to do now is clear up the mess – many of our team volunteering to come in over the weekend to help.

It is an inconvenience but, as with any disaster, there is light.  Our staff are safe, our clients will continue to receive the high level of service we provide and once again, the way in which our team pulls together makes us proud.

Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the floods – it’s not a nice thing to have to deal with so all the best with the clean up efforts.