Posted March 1, 2021

Our guide to school security over the holidays.

As the Easter holidays approach, and spring is on the way, it is important to check your buildings secure.

Here a quick checklist to review before you break for the holidays:

Have you adjusted the time and date on your CCTV? – The clocks go forward in March therefore check that your CCTV system has updated. The time stamp must be correct for any legal use so don’t take the risk.

Have you told your monitoring station that it’s the school holidays? Do they have the right contacts? – it is essential that your monitoring station knows the times the school will be unoccupied and also has the right key holder information should there be an activation. We recommend contacting your provider to review the information in advance so allow them time to make any changes.

Does your CCTV have clear visibility? – before you lock up ensure that there are no overgrown bushes / hedges obstructing the view of your CCTV cameras. The last thing you want is a break in and all your camera can see is greenery.

Can you access your CCTV remotely? – modern systems can provide access for your staff to view the cameras over a simple app – it might be worth checking how you can enable this feature with your security provider.

Have you recently reviewed what other systems may be suitable to improve your school security? – there may be new products on the market and new solutions available to improve your school security.

We hope you have a lovely Easter Break and have found this guide useful.  If you wish to discuss how you can improve school security over the holidays then please contact us on or call 03300 417 170.