Posted September 20, 2021

The EMS 5000 wireless fire alarm system is now obsolete.

Also known as the EMS FirePoint 5000 or 5004, 5012, 5048, 5096. Depending on how many zones your EMS system covers.

In an article in mid-April 2019, we announced the pending changes. So we are ready to help you every step of the way.

The EMS Firecell range has replaced the EMS 5000 kit.

Due to a seemingly overlooked change in legislation that came into force during Mid-2013, the EMS 5000 became obsolete.

Due to the new requirements, the EMS 5000 range are now non-compliant.

I have an EMS 5000 wireless fire alarm system, so what does this mean for me?

The new legislation has made it illegal to sell new systems made from the non-compliant product range. This also includes additional parts.

This means you will not be able to have it repaired, buy any spare parts or have any additions made to your system.

Can I continue to have my EMS 5000 serviced?

Yes, you can continue to be serviced with a maintenance visit by a competent specialist every six months. However, you will not be compliant and may not be covered by your insurance.

Do I need to replace my EMS 5000 fire alarm?

Back in 2019, we recommended staggering the replacement by having two systems running side by side. Ensuring you were fully protected and compliant. This not only helped companies spread the costs but also the disruption. If you didn’t do this, you ideally need to book a survey ASAP. It’s FREE of charge. We come to you, check everything over and give you many solutions to consider.

You will need to replace your fire alarm system sooner rather than later.

However, we are on hand and can help you to spread the cost. If you replace the entire system, we could offer competitive lease purchase options on installations, so it’s worth considering. Again something we can talk through once the survey has been completed.

Why is it a good idea to book SS Systems for a Fire Alarm survey? 

If you have an EMS 5000 system, it must have been installed a while ago and since this date:

  • Regulations have massively changed,
  • Your insurance company’s stipulations may now be different because of the regulation changes.
  • Your building layout may have changed, too.

It’s our job as an accredited fire alarm company to advise you on any changes you may now require. Enabling you to make an informed decision and be sure that your new fire alarm system meets all the latest requirements. All of which can be covered in a thorough FREE survey.

To arrange a FREE survey, where one of our qualified surveyors and engineers come to your premises at a time to suit yourself, email us or call us on 03300 417170.