Posted November 27, 2023

Registered Duty Holders & Fire Risk Assessments

Over 13,000 dutyholders have initiated or completed their registration applications for the new regulatory framework established by the Building Safety Regulator (BSR), which became effective on October 1st. Principal Accountable Persons (PAPs) were granted until the end of September to register all high-rise residential buildings that are at least 18 meters or seven stories tall, as mandated by the Building Safety Act of 2022.

The Duty Holder is responsible for maintaining records related to various aspects of fire safety, including Risk Assessments, the current Fire Safety Policy, Evacuation Procedures, Training and Drills. Additionally, they must document the regular inspection, testing, and upkeep of all Fire Alarm Systems, Emergency Lighting, Extinguishers, and Escape Route Doors.

Registration of existing high-rise residential buildings with the Building Safety Regulator, overseen by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), is now a legal obligation as per the Building Safety Act of 2022. The deadline of October 1st signified the commencement of the registration process for dutyholders, signifying the progression of the regulatory regime. The information provided in these registrations will enable the BSR to prioritise buildings for the building assessment certificate process commencing in April 2024.

Occupying an unregistered building has now become an offense. Nevertheless, the BSR has confirmed that a minority of duty holders missed the registration deadline, and as a result, they may face various penalties, including potential prosecution. The term “Responsible Person” has been replaced by “Duty Holder,” denoting the designated individual in a company, organization, or premises who bears statutory legal responsibilities and duties, along with legal accountability for any lapses.

Chris Griffin-McTiernan, Deputy Chief Inspector of Buildings at BSR, said: “We are encouraged to see that since the HRB registration service opened in April, the majority of Principal Accountable Persons (PAPs) have recognised their mandatory registration obligations. When the registration deadline was reached on 1 October, over 13,000 applications had been started. We are now urgently reminding the minority of duty holders who have missed the deadline for completing their registration application, that they could now face significant sanctions, including prosecution. Please respond to your legal duty – act now and register to avoid action being taken against you.

For any inquiries or uncertainties regarding the responsibilities of being a duty holder in our current location, it is recommended to contact SS Systems, who can provide guidance on fire risk-related matters.

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