Posted December 22, 2018

SS Systems is proud to be an authorised engineer system distributor for Notifier Fire Systems. I thought it might be useful to let our contacts know a little more about their product range.


The NOTIFIER ID3000 family of fire alarm control panels delivers the power and flexibility to meet the even the most demanding of requirements. From 2 to 8 loops in a single ID3000 panel to over 500 loops on a network, an
ID3000 system offers unrivalled stability, versatility and capacity.

When it comes to giving you the earliest possible warning of a potential fire threat the ID3000 supports Notifier’s comprehensive range of detectors, advanced fire detection sensors and loop devices delivering you the most complete and versatile fire alarm system in the market place.


The NOTIFIER ID50/ID60 range of single-loop intelligent fire alarm panels, has been developed for both installers and end users with efficiency in mind, offering a technically advanced range of facilities and functions whilst remaining easy to install, program and operate.

With the capacity to protect up to 16 zones, NOTIFIER ID50 and ID60 series control panels are capable of monitoring up to 99 heat, smoke or multi-criteria sensors plus 99 call points.


The Pearl two loop intelligent addressable fire alarm control panel forms the heart of a best in class system which combines, exceptional fire detection technology, cutting edge warning and evacuation devices and super fast networking capability all in one intuitive and easy to use system.

The state-of-the-art Pearl system delivers a host of benefits from design, installation and commissioning to daily operation and routine maintenance, all in one cost-effective package. Giving you the freedom to manage your fire safety needs, your way, for years to come.

Opal Detection range

Notifier’s range of class leading fire detection devices are designed not only to detect fires in their very earliest stages, but also to recognise common sources of nuisance alarms. This combination enables Notifier to lead the way in eliminating false alarms.

Notifier’s comprehensive detection range includes “point” detection devices including traditional smoke detectors as well as the SMART range of self optimising multi-criteria detectors for the ultimate in nuisance alarm prevention. Other technologies include, EN 54-20 class A, B and C high sensitivity detection from the Notifier ASD range of aspirating systems and cutting edge VIEW HSSD detector; in addition to Beam and Duct detection.

Opal AV Sounder range

The Notifier range of analogue addressable, loop powered, audible visual fire alarm devices, provides a comprehensive selection of products designed to meet the majority of fire alarm installation requirements. Sounders, beacons, or combined sounder/beacon devices are available as either wall or ceiling mounted options. With a common mounting and connection plate, all devices are fully interchangeable without the need for any wiring disturbance, allowing, for example, a sounder to be changed easily to a sounder and beacon combination or a beacon only.


The NOTIFIER ID2net is one of the fastest, most consistent and robust networking systems available, transmitting an alarm across the network in less than half a second. Such performance combined with Notifier’s industry leading interfacing capabilities make Notifier systems ideally suited to even the largest of office complexes, shopping centres, university campus’ and sports stadia.

Disable Refuge & Emergency Voice Communication

The Emergency Voice Communications System (EVCS) is for use as a Fire Telephone system, Disabled Refuge Call system or as a combined system when both Fire Telephones and Disabled Refuge Points are required.

Designed to comply with BS5839 Part 9 2003 the Notifier’s EVCS range offers a fixed, secure, bi-directional, full-duplex voice communication system, to assist fire fighters within high rise buildings or large sites where radio communication may not be possible. Where both a fire telephone and disabled refuge system are fitted to a building BS 5839 Part 9 specifies these should form a single system.


As modern buildings become more complex, it is vital to manage people safely in an emergency. Voice messages are far more effective than tone signals alone, which is why Notifier has developed the D1 public address and Voice Alarm system.

The D1 system combines advanced audio management with a flexible architecture to deliver an advanced voice alarm and public address system suitable for a wide range of applications.

Voice alarm systems are not only used for public buildings with a high number of visitors, but are also being used more and more for public address and entertainment systems. A PA VA system integrated with fire detection delivers significant economies of scale along with the security of operation associated with a life safety system.

Central Battery Systems

Notifier by Honeywell central emergency power systems are designed to comply with BS EN 50171: 2001.
This European Standard specifies the general requirements for central power supply systems for an independent energy supply to essential safety equipment. This standard covers systems permanently connected to a AC supply, that use batteries as the alternative power source.

The central power supplies are intended to energise emergency escape lighting in the case of failure of the normal supply, and may be suitable for energising other essential safety equipment.
Notifier by Honeywell offers both AC/DC and AC/AC emergency lighting Central Power Supplies.

FAAST Aspirating Systems

FAAST detectors form part of Notifier’s existing range of fire safety solutions and are available via Notifier’s national network of Engineered Systems Distributors. The new range incorporates advanced dual laser technology to eliminate false alarms, is easy to install and its advanced design ensures reliable ongoing operation, in even the toughest environments.

The new aspirating range consists of the following products:

• FAAST – This advanced, IP-enabled device is designed to provide the highest levels of protection for mission critical environments, where any downtime resulting from a fire or false alarm can be hugely costly, both financially and in terms of corporate reputation. The FAAST device enables building managers to monitor their facilities via internet, smart phone or mobile device, irrespective of location

• FAAST LT – This loop-enabled device combines proven laser smoke detection with ultrasonic flow detectors, providing high-sensitivity detection for specialist applications. These include cold storage facilities, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, as well as large public areas such as airports, museums and sports stadia. The FAAST LT solution is also ideally-suited to mission-critical applications such as small server rooms.
FAAST detectors are perfectly-suited to those environments where standard methods of detection do not provide sufficient protection. The new range is an important step forward in detecting fires early and reducing the incidence of false alarms, especially in those areas which until now have proved particularly challenging for traditional methods of detection.


The Response Paging System offers the latest innovations in wireless paging and monitoring. It’s a cost effective and flexible paging system that offers the ability to quickly respond to activated alarms.

The solution consists of a wall mounted transmitter and antennae that can send customised messages to designated pagers and are powerful enough to cover large areas.

Response Plus

Response Plus paging system has a wide range of applications that will fit all types of industries requiring a paging network. It can also be integrated with Notifier by Honeywell fire detection systems that immediately notifies designated fire marshals exactly where an alarm has been triggered, ensuring alarms can be identified and validated quickly, reducing time and costs associated with unnecessary evacuations.

Response Link

Response Link is an entry level paging system suitable for a range of applications. It includes four dry contact alarm outputs that provide basic emergency information whilst offering the same paging capability.

Response Aid

Response Aid supports the deaf and hard of hearing in case of a fire emergency. The device is set to Equality Act 2010 recommendations sending a strong vibration to every pager together with a text message alerting the user of a fire evacuation.