Posted April 26, 2021

How Nimbus for hotels can save you time and money in managing your hotels fire safety.

Nimbus for hotels is the way forward in reducing your time spent managing fire safety contracts and keeping your records updated.

If you want to have the reassurance that your systems are being serviced properly, save time and money on locating faults and have reports on hand to reduce the need to chase your service provider, then you need to consider installing Nimbus on your hotels fire alarm.

So what is Nimbus?

Nimbus is a cloud-based digital logbook, providing facilities managers and fire engineering specialists with management and evidence of system compliance and the ability to remotely monitor and control their fire alarm systems from anywhere in the world.

What can Nimbus offer you?

  • Live system reporting – the data is live, as soon as anything happens on your system, Nimbus can tell you
  • Accurate Servicing History – as your maintenance provider services your systems, Nimbus will document what percentage has been completed and provide all record notes per device
  • Weekly Test Reporting – Nimbus records all your weekly testing, including the date and devices activated on that weekly test
  • Auto Notifications – Nimbus can be programmed to automate notifications of certain activities on your system. For example – when there is a fault this can be issued direct to your responsible person to be actioned
  • Easy App to use – not everyone is at a PC all day therefore, Nimbus provides an app downloadable on all smartphones to provide information on the go.

How do you get Nimbus?

It’s simple – give us a call and we can talk you through the options available.

If you want more information or to discuss how Nimbus can make your life easier then please contact us on , call 03300 417 170.