Posted April 22, 2024

NHS Trusts Witness A Concerning Surge In Fire Occurrences

Recent data from NHS Digital unveils a troubling uptick in fire incidents documented by NHS trusts, with 1,372 fires logged in the 2022/23 timeframe. This reflects a notable spike of over 18% from the preceding year, equating to nearly four fires occurring daily across NHS premises. This escalation underscores a pressing need for heightened fire safety protocols within healthcare establishments.

There is more than just an emphasis on the pivotal role of fire doors in upholding safety and regulatory compliance within healthcare environments. The recent surge in fire incidents reported by NHS trusts serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges in maintaining safety standards within healthcare facilities. While fire doors are crucial, they are just one component of a comprehensive safety strategy. A fire safety specialist can offer strategic counsel on various aspects, from hardware selection to evacuation procedures, providing continuous guidance and regular inspections to ensure the fire safety plan remains current.

A spokesperson from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) stated: “We have allocated substantial resources to enhance and modernize NHS infrastructure, enabling staff to deliver top-tier care to patients.

“This includes £4.2 billion designated for estates in the current fiscal year, £3.7 billion over the next four years as part of the New Hospital Programme, and £1.7 billion for upgrades to 70 hospitals. Trusts are tasked with prioritising this funding to maintain and renovate their facilities, including the renewal and replacement of equipment.”

The department did not provide any further information regarding the reasons behind the increase in recorded fire incidents compared to the previous year. SS Systems are experts in fire prevention and fire safety systems. We understand fire safety related issues where locations have a mixture of demographic footprint types for employees, customers, suppliers, patients and visitors. This mixture of profile types needs consideration for a multi demographic use location. Please complete the form below to speak with one of our expert team members.

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