Posted April 8, 2024

New Guidance On Fire Risk Appraisals Of External Walls Is Now Available

The Facade Special Interest Group, a collaboration between the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), has issued guidance on ‘Proportionality and Risk in Fire Risk Appraisals of External Walls (FRAEWs)’ aligned with PAS 9980. This comprehensive document delves into crucial considerations surrounding risk acceptability and the proportional nature of remedial actions, in accordance with PAS 9980 recommendations.

Tailored for fire engineers conducting FRAEW assessments, the guidance offers initial direction on understanding risk acceptability and proportionality in remedial measures. Specifically designed to complement PAS 9980, which emphasises the necessity for proportionate decision-making in regards to remedial actions, this document provides further insights to aid fire engineers in determining the appropriateness of recommending such measures.

While the focus of this guidance centres on residential apartment buildings, consistent with PAS 9980’s scope, its principles can be adapted for application in other building types. It assumes a foundational understanding of risk, hazard, and consequence concepts as delineated in conventional risk assessment procedures, without delving deeply into these matters. Additionally, it acknowledges a July 2021 statement by the Secretary of State, supported by expert panel advice, highlighting instances where unnecessary remedial works were recommended, emphasising the need for proportionality in risk management.

Furthermore, the statement underscores PAS 9980 as a “risk-proportionate guideline,” suggesting that adherence to its principles could lead to a reduction in costly remediation works compared to previous approaches. This governmental backing solidifies the importance of ensuring the proportionality of any remedial measures necessary to effectively mitigate risks.

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