Posted April 25, 2023

Protect those working alone.

Lone workers are on the increase, with more business adapting flexible working conditions.

Who are classed as lone workers?

Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision, for example
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Health Workers
  • Engineers
  • Security Staff
  • Cleaners
  • Warehouse Operatives
  • Petrol Station Attendants
  • Working from home

Even those working on a large site, that have remote locations, where a single person is too far away from colleagues to be closely supervised.

Employers’ responsibilities

As an employer, you must manage any health and safety risks before people can work alone. This applies to anyone contracted to work for you, including self-employed people.

There will always be greater risks for lone workers without direct supervision or anyone to help them if things go wrong.

Lone Workers Safety Industry Standards

BS 8484:2022 is the British industry standard for providers of lone working safety services.

While it is not a legal requirement for lone worker safety organisations, BS 8484 accreditation shows consumers that an organisation has met the government’s strict standards.

All employers should consider employee safety, wellbeing, and security at a strategic and local level. This can drive a culture of safety at work including all levels of the business.

It contributes to the organization’s governance, management of risk and compliance with both company policies and legal obligations.

Safety and Security Strategies

Lone workers protection should form part of an employer’s safety and security strategies with robust measures in place whether electronically or manually supported with a clear lone worker policy.

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How can we help with Lone Workers Safety Systems?

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