Posted March 1, 2021

The 8th March is fast approaching, lockdown as we know it is ending so as you prepare to welcome children back to school, we want to help ensure you have your school’s fire safety covered in time for your pupils coming back to school.

Here is how SS Systems could take the hassle out of your fire safety contracts:

  1. We know your industry – we currently support over 180 schools across the UK with their fire and security maintenance contracts. We have the systems and processes in place to conduct our works with little disruption to your school and pupils.
  1. Reduced engineer visits – our engineers are multi-disciplined trained, meaning we can complete all your multiple system maintenance visits in 1 day with 1 engineer, reducing the amount of time you need to spend welcoming and supporting engineers on site.
  1. Flexible Maintenance Schedules – we understanding that accommodating an engineer visit whilst schools are occupied is a hassle so we work with our schools to provide a maintenance schedule that aligns with school half terms and can also complete works prior and after school hours where required.
  1. Know the areas we need access to in advance – all of our customers have an asset tick list per system. This is a register of all the devices on site, their locations and their last maintenance date, updated on every maintenance visit.  Prior to our attendance, we can provide you with the devices to be tested on that visit, making it easier for you to provide access and prepare onsite staff.
  1. Upfront reporting – no need to chase – after each visit we complete on site, you will receive an engineer’s report and checklist automatically. We automate this process so that our customers don’t need to chase us for information. Within your engineering report you will receive an update on what works were required, what was completed and what (if anything) is outstanding. Our checklist is written in line with British Standards and provides a breakdown of what checks our engineer has completed on site.

You may be in contract at the moment, however if you would like to discuss how best to lockdown your fire safety more cost effectively then please contact us at , call 03300 417 170.