Posted December 21, 2016

Safe and Secure

Did you know that the “SS” of SS Systems stands for “safe and secure”? We’re here to help you do just that. So we thought we’d put together a few tips to help you keep your premises safe and secure this Christmas.

It can be difficult at the best of times to keep your premises safe and secure throughout the year, but Christmas time brings with it heightened risk. Many schools and commercial premises are closed more than they are the rest of the year. Unfortunately this shutdown period is attractive to burglars, arsonists and vandals so it’s a good time to make sure you have everything covered with regard to fire safety and security.


We’re going to work from the outside in. Let’s face it – it’s always better to keep would-be intruders out than it is to attempt to recover property if they get inside the building.

There have been many developments in the last few years with regard to CCTV. We recently wrote an article about “IP CCTV” (click on the link if you’d like to read it) which explained how modern technology can do so much more than it could when all systems were analogue.

These days you can even use your CCTV system to alert a potential intruder that they are on camera, warning them to stay away. The quality of image is also so much clearer with digital systems, reaching up to 20 mega pixels if you so wish, with view ranges much wider.

Upgrading your existing system isn’t as costly as it used to be either. Much of the analogue cable may be able to be used with a digital system, plus a fewer number of cameras required, so it’s worth looking into.

Before you close your premises for Christmas, just make sure that all your cameras and recording kit are in full working order and that any tapes or discs you use are good quality.

Intruder Systems

It’s a good idea to have a walk around the perimeter of your premises before locking up for Christmas. You need to look for any potential points of entry. Is there a bin stored too closely to a window, for example, or perhaps the caretaker has left a ladder on the grounds?

Check that all doors and windows are secure, trim down any overgrown shubbery that might hide a would-be intruder and put away any heavy objects that could be used to smash a window or door.

Put your security system into test mode and check that all the sensors are working as they should. If you’re in any doubt, get in touch with a security company to undertake the test for you.

And finally….make sure you turn on the security alarm before you leave for Christmas!

Fire Safety

As you know, your fire alarm should be maintained at least twice every year to comply with British Standards. It’s worth a check in your company records a few weeks before shutdown that the system has been serviced.

Check around the perimeter of the building to remove any debris that could be easily ignited and start a fire – best out of temptations way.

Test your smoke detectors throughout the building. It’s also a good idea to make sure your electrical sockets are not overloaded with extension leads.

If you have had a Christmas tree on site, make sure that the lights are unplugged before you leave for the shutdown.

Safe and secure can be fun …..

Who said fire safety messages can’t be fun? Here’s a little festive fun to cheer up your Christmas