Posted October 1, 2021

Why Firehub?

Firstly, as a business owner, you must carry out a regular fire risk assessment of the premises, the Firehub app can help with this.

This risk assessment will quickly identify what you need to do to prevent fire and keep staff safe.

How can Firehub help?

As part of the risk assessment, you must keep a written record, if your business has 5 or more staff. This amazing platform can help you streamline this process and in addition cut down on your paperwork.

Firehub uniquely helps you complete the Risk assessment by prepopulating certain fields with PSA answers and significant findings. Which can be made into an easy to-do list by assigning tasks to individuals.

Ensuring a speedy response.

We are BAFE Registered & Third Party AccreditedAs a consequence you could say we know the importance of regular fire risk assessments coupled with compliant risk assessment forms.

Firehub was originally created by experienced fire risk assessors. Their aim was to streamline the assessment process and keep the reports professional, compliant and comprehensive.

In the event that you start streamlining your risk assessment’s we hope that you consider Firehub into the mix.

Here is a short Firehub introductory video.

Particularly giving you a general overview and insight into the app and how it can help you whenever you carry out a risk assessment.

The benefits of using Firehub in your workplace:
  • It works on PAS-79 methodology
  • You can pre-load responses
  • You can add your images instantly
  • It’s secure
  • You’ll have access to your own client dashboard
  • It’s easy to work offline
  • You can search for reports via client and site
  • It’s totally customiseable

As a trusted partner of the Firehub platform, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to our valued customer base.

Importantly we know how it works and is on hand if you have any further questions.

Simply call us on 03300 417170, or drop us an email