Posted April 3, 2017

For all commercial premises, there is a requirement to ensure that the fire & security systems in your building are fit for purpose, regularly maintained, and that the staff in the organisation are safe.

This will include ensuring that fire alarms, fire extinguishers, security systems, CCTV and access control systems are adequately installed and maintained. It can also mean staying up to date with the legislation – not something that many people would relish!

For a site manager it can be cumbersome to manage the many contracts needed to ensure your organisation complies with the red tape. Each contract can have different start dates, different levels of cover, numerous contacts etc. Having a number of maintenance contracts can also have budgetary implications, making it more expensive overall.

A “one stop shop” solution for your fire & security systems can bring many benefits, including:

• Benefits of scale – having one contract for servicing all your systems could reduce cost
• Peace of mind – knowing that all your systems are covered by the same company with the necessary expertise
• Less disruption – one engineer coming rather than a number of engineers visiting your premises
• Clarity – there is just one phone number to remember when things go wrong

When it comes to adhering to legislation it is obviously important to rely on expert contractors to help you fulfil your obligations. In order to benefit from a “one stop shop” solution, it is crucial that you use a company with the level of expertise relevant to all your particular fire & security systems. We recommend that you spend time researching your provider to ensure that they can meet all your needs on a practical level. Time spent researching can save you time and money in the long run. Maintenance contracts usually run for 12 months or more. That’s a long time to be dissatisfied with your provider.

Another thing to look for is the company’s accreditations. Whilst they don’t necessarily reflect levels of customer service, they do go some way to assuring you that the provider takes their responsibilities seriously. Accreditations such as SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board), BAFE (British Approval of Fire Equipment) and CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) are useful for your fire alarms and security systems.

Timing can be difficult when amalgamating maintenance contracts. If the incumbent providers have contracts spanning differing time periods then it may be that you either negotiate with your existing provider to finish the contract before the end date, or take the hit by having two potential contracts in existence at the same time. It may be that the reduction you gain from having one provider is negated in that first year, but from there you will benefit.

At SS Systems we have 20 years of experience in all fire alarm and security systems disciplines. We offer maintenance contracts that cover all or any of our services, and in locations local to us we offer a free consultation. If you would like to speak to us about amalgamating your maintenance contracts into one fully inclusive contract, then please get in touch with our Maintenance Business Development Manager, Jane Williamson. Her contact details are shown below.

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