Posted April 12, 2021

Fire Safety for Hotels. How safe is yours? Here is our Top 10 Tips on fire safety

Fire kills. A hotel fire can cost lives and cost money.  As our leisure industry recovers from the pandemic, it’s a good time to ensure you are up to date with fire safety for hotels and we would like to help.

Here’s our top tips to keep your hotel fire protected:

  1. Ensure your fire risk assessment is up to date – ensuring you have an up to date fire risk assessment is crucial! You should review your fire risk assessment every 12 months or after structural/usage changes to your hotel.
  • Appoint a fire warden.  Ideally this will be someone who is trained in what to do in the event of fire and be able to guide guests and staff.
  • Train staff.  The actions of your staff can affect the safety of your residents (and themselves) so all staff should receive basic fire safety training and attend regular refresher courses.
  • Check fire routes.  You should ensure that your fire routes are suitable and safe at all times, are adequate for the number of people who may use them, are well lit and are free from clutter.  They should also be accessible by the emergency services.
  • Check signage.  All fire exits and routes should be clearly marked and positioned so that a person escaping will always have the next escape route sign in sight.
  • Practice makes perfect – consistent fire drills is key in making sure your staff know how to respond should they hear the alarm. The more drills you run, the more confident your staff will be should the unfortunate happen.
  • Complete your weekly testing – whilst you may have a company completing the maintenance, weekly tests need to be undertaken to ensure nothing has changed.  Keep a record of your weekly tests and have the process visible for all to see.
  • Check emergency lights.  In the event of a fire the emergency lighting can provide the only source of light for residents.   They should be able to provide light for three hours in case of a power failure.
  • Consider your guests  – in the event of a fire can vulnerable people safely evacuate the hotel? Are the escape routes free from obstruction, do your guests know where they are and do you have solutions for all your guests?
  1. Review your fire maintenance providers performance – your fire maintenance provider should complete your maintenance visits in the month that they are due and with the same frequency between visits.

For more information about fire safety for hotels and want tailored advice then please feel free to contact us on or call 03300 417 170.