Posted June 14, 2014

If you are the “responsible person” at your premises it is a legal requirement in England & Wales for you to carry out a fire risk assessment regularly.

A fire risk assessment is an exercise undertaken by the responsible person to identify fire risks that can be reduced or removed and to make decisions about the fire precautions you need to make.

We have listed down a few reminders for you to ensure that your fire risk assessment process complies with these regulations.

  • 1. Your fire risk assessment must focus on the safety in case of fire of all “relevant people”. In the case of a hotel this would include staff, guests & visitors.
  • 2. It should pay particular attention to those at special risk such as disabled people & children.
  • 3. You should consider areas where dangerous substances are stored.
  • 4. It is good practice to record any significant findings (though if you employ 5 or more people this is mandatory).

Once the fire risk assessment is done you must:

  • 1. You must provide your employees with information about any identified risks, measures taken to prevent fires and how these measures will protect them if a fire breaks out.
  • 2. You must consult with employees about nominating representatives who will be responsible for carrying out fire safety duties.
  • 3. You must inform the parents of any child you employ about the fire risks, assessments made & preventative measures taken.
  • 4. You must cooperate & coordinate with other responsible persons in the same building.
  • 5. You must provide the same risk & preventative measures information to the employer of any person on your premises who is not employed by you (eg temporary workers) and the individual worker.
  • 6. You must consider an appropriate way if contacting the emergence services & the information you will provide them with when you do.
  • 7. You must provide appropriate information, instruction & training to employees.
  • 8. You must ensure that the premises & fire prevention/fighting equipment, exit routes & lighting are adequate, are maintained & kept in good working order.
  • 9. Your employees must comply!