Posted March 1, 2021

Do you know when your Fire Risk Assessments for schools was last reviewed? Is the time approaching where you need to be looking at your Fire Risk Assessment and what fire safety measures need to be put in place to protect your Pupils, School and Staff?

This can be high pressured and confusing time so we have put together our Top 5 Tips on Fire Risk Assessments in Schools 

  1. Consider employing a specialist company – a fire risk assessment can be completed by any competent person – however it is recommended to use a specialist company. When selecting a company to use, check their training and qualifications and look at appointing a company who is on  a fire risk assessor register such as BAFE or Institute of Fire Safety Managers
  1. Have an understanding of what your report should provide – your fire risk assessment report shouldn’t just focus on the systems installed on site. Your fire risk assessment should cover your entire school premises and identify specific fire risks within your school. The report should cover the people at risk and firefighting facilities to the means of escape and policies and procedures.
  1. Have a plan in place to work on the actions highlighted – once you have had your report back, there should be an action plan included. This is the works you need to undertake to be compliant with your fire risk assessment. Have dedicated time set aside to review the action plan as it is provided and formulate a plan to ensure the deadlines are met.
  1. Record your review dates – you will need to review your fire risk assessment every 12 months or should anything change within your school. When we undertake a fire risk assessment we provide our customers with a reminder prior to the 12 month review date – speak to your provider to see if they can offer this.
  1. Speak to your provider to see how they can take the hassle away – have you discussed with your provider how else they can support your requirements? As an example, our customers have access to a portal that contains their report, the significant findings and their action plan. Each action is then updated in real-time providing a quick overview of what works were required, what has been completed and what is outstanding.

We hope you have found this blog useful. If you would like to discuss your fire risk assessment requirements within your school or how we can assist further please contact us at , call 03300 417 170.