Posted May 13, 2024

Fire & Rescue Incident Data For 2023 In England

Recent data from the Home Office’s Incident Recording System (IRS) sheds light on fire and rescue operations throughout 2023. Spanning the last decade, these figures delve into response times, fatalities, and casualties. For the year concluding in December 2023, there were 269 fire-related deaths stemming from 250 fatal fires, a slight uptick from the preceding year’s 257 fatalities in 238 fatal fires.

The report underscores the importance of response times in optimising emergency services. Moreover, it provides valuable insights into fire-related fatalities and injuries, guiding targeted interventions to bolster fire safety measures. Equipped with this data, decision-makers can implement informed strategies for proactive risk mitigation.

Key findings for the year ending December 2023 include:

• Fire Rescue Services (FRSs) responded to 592,996 incidents, marking a 5.6% decrease from the previous year’s count of 628,034. This represents a 2.6% increase compared to figures from five years ago (578,150), and a notable 12% rise from a decade ago (529,167).

• Analysis of all incidents attended by FRSs reveals that fires constituted 24%, fire false alarms 42%, and non-fire incidents 34% of the total. This distribution contrasts with figures from a decade ago, where fires accounted for 33%, fire false alarms 43%, and non-fire incidents 24%.

Over the past decade, the number of incidents attended by FRSs in England has been on a gradual, if fluctuating, upward trend. In the year ending December 2013, there were around 529,000 incidents attended, which had increased by around 12% to 593,000 by the year ending December 2023. The year ending December 2022 showed the most incidents attended (roughly 628,000) for over a decade, due to the hot, dry summer of 2022. When compared to that high figure, there was a decrease of 5.6% overall in the year ending December 2023.

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