Posted June 10, 2021

So you have the right fire and security systems installed at your property however have you considered Fire and Intruder monitoring?

With many different monitoring options being available, understanding the benefits and deciding whether monitoring is right for you can be difficult.

Here is our snapshot of how monitoring can benefit your business:

24/7/365 protection. Monitoring protects you all day, every day. So, when no one is on site, you know that someone is keeping an eye on your property. Therefore; Should there be an activation on your fire or intruder alarm you will be notified quickly.

Quicker response the way you want. Firstly, you control the contacts should there be an activation. For example, this can be police response, Keyholders or a key holding company. Secondly, you decide the times the monitoring station monitors your site. The choice is yours.

Reduced insurance . Some insurance companies reduce premiums when a system and site is monitored.

Deter potential intruders . Sign posting that your property is monitored 24/7 is a deterrent to would be intruders.

CCTV verification to reduce false alarms. The monitoring station can remotely look at your cameras to verify whether there is an intruder on site. As a result, this reduces the unnecessary calls to your keyholders.

Monitor multiple systems with 1 account. Monitor your fire and intruder alarm through 1 monitoring account. All you need is your panels to be close to each other and 1 monitoring account can be setup. Therefore; this increases your protection without costing a fortune.

There are many different types of fire and intruder monitoring available to further protect your site and prices start from as little as £150.00 a year.

We hope you found this blog useful. If you would like to discuss how monitoring could improve your sites protection, then please contact our team on 03300 417 170 or email us at