Posted March 27, 2018

To celebrate Amanda Sampson’s 8th anniversary working at SS Systems, and the fact that Spring is just around the corner, we’ve asked her to pull together a maintenance guide for all customers to keep your systems in tip top shape. Here’s her top 7 tips:

1. Monitoring Keyholder details. People come and go in organisations and it’s not always on the radar to get the keyholder details changed with the monitoring company. In the event of a fire or break in it’s important to be able to get in touch with the right person as soon as possible so I’d advise checking the details right now to make sure everything is correct.

2. Fire alarm tests. Always get them done in the middle of the week rather than leaving it until the Friday. That way, if there’s anything wrong, your fire alarm service provider can respond quickly.

3. Logbooks. It’s a stipulation of the fire regulations to keep your log book up to date with tests etc so take this opportunity to have a quick look to make sure your records are accurate.

4. Evacuation tests – does everyone in the business know exactly how to get out of the building in case of fire, and where to meet? This could be a good time to review your evacuation plans and do some refresher training for your staff.

5. Fire extinguisher tests. In my experience this can often be overlooked. If you’re in any doubt, check the company records and order a service from your provider if necessary.

6. Code/fob changes. The last thing you want is for leavers to still have the codes and fobs for the fire and security systems. Take time to change the codes and try to remember to take people’s keys off them before they leave the business or get them disarmed.

7. CCTV – literally a spring clean! Go round your cameras and give them a good clean – no point having them if you can’t actually make out what’s happening on screen!