Posted October 25, 2022

Security, Winter Safety and Maintenance Tips Using CCTV

Security measures are a necessity for businesses all year round. However, as winter approaches and the nights draw in, the performance of your CCTV cameras can be dramatically affected as the conditions change from light to dark. This is where you really discover the quality of your system.

Camera selection for new systems/upgrades

The long dark nights of winter have created a challenging environment for cameras historically. Thankfully traditional low resolution infrared cameras, generating grainy black and white images are not something you have to endure throughout the colder months anymore, with technology advances in CCTV.

Modern CCTV Systems

SS Systems, install cameras which provide a full colour image, even in low lighting conditions from the Hikvision range, which could be the perfect upgrade you require this winter.

CCTV Cameras, we would recommend:

Hikvision Darkfighter

Hikvision Darkfighter Cameras are perfect for environments which have some ambient lighting such as streets, ports, parks, and warehousing areas.

The high-definition lens coupled with ultra-sensitive light sensors create a deep, vivid image which will allow you to see in detail even in low light conditions.

Please use the link below to view a demonstration of the clarity the Hikvision Darkfighter Cameras provide:

Hikvision ColourVu

Should your lighting environment be too dark for even the Darkfighter camera then the Hikvision ColourVu would be the better option.

With two built in LED lights, which activate throughout the night, provide supplemental light allowing the camera to provide a full colour vivid image.

Please use the link below to view a demonstration of the clarity and colour enhancement the Hikvision ColourVu Cameras provide:

Maintenance Tips

The first thing to remember, is the clocks go back!

A commonly neglected point is to ensure you change your time settings in your all-important fire and security systems when the clocks go back on the last Sunday of October.

Why it is important to change the time setting

Seasonal maintenance can easily be overlooked but does have some important reasons for doing so.

The importance of the CCTV time recorder is that you may need an accurate date and time stamp in the event of an occurrence, with this in mind, it’s good practice to ensure your systems is correct.

Remember the footage may be required for compliance purposes, and the date and time stamp, need to be accurate.

CCTV System, Site Maintenance

CCTV cameras are there to detect unwanted visitors, and assist in remote monitoring, and can make all the difference, when making a decision in the most effective call to action, in the event of a potential threat.

Another key point, is an unmaintained site can detect objects causing false alarms.

It’ s also worth considering if any obstructions are coursing blind spots, for example, high sided vehicles, plant equipment and pallets of stock. All of which, can all be used by intruders and tresspassers to conceal themselves.

Tips, on some of the things you can do, to ensure you have the best security cover form your CCTV

  • Check all cameras are housed properly
  • Check cameras are functioning correctly
  • Look for any wear and tear on cables
  • Clean Camera lenses to ensure clear images
  • Ensure Cameras are all accompanied by “Warning Signage” to act as a deterrent
  • Check for obstructions that could occur due to high winds
For example:-
    • Remove, loose damaged tree branches
    • Secure any stacked pallets
    • Clear fallen leaves, rubbish, and loose objects
  • Check for blind spots around the premises and it’s parameters
  • The warmth of IR lamps can attract spiders, use Spidex to best negate this issue.
  • Check hard drive status on the NVR to ensure recording

Security Lighting

Outside lighting can make a great difference in the clarity of CCTV and with longer periods of dark night conditions, intruders, and trespassers, have greater opportunity to conceal themselves. Whilst lighting is not a security measure on its own, it does assist in the deterrent that CCTV offers and helps in the visual clarity that the remote monitoring centre receives.

Well light premises also offers comfort for staff, especially the early starters and those last to leave, it can give a sense of safety

Don’t have remote monitoring?

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