Posted March 4, 2024

BS 5839-1 Available For Public & Professional Comment

BS 5839-1, concerning Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings – Part 1: Design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises – Code of practice, is now open for public review.

This latest update of BS 5839-1 outlines essential guidelines and practices for ensuring fire safety within non-domestic premises, aiming to uphold the highest standards of protection for both occupants and property. This portion of BS 5839 provides recommendations for the design, installation, commissioning, and upkeep of fire detection and fire alarm systems in buildings other than domestic ones. However, it does not offer advice on whether a fire detection and fire alarm system should be installed in specific premises.

  • Note: Recommendations for fire detection and fire alarm systems in domestic premises can be found in BS 5839-6.
    • BS 5839-1 addresses a wide range of systems, from simple setups comprising only a few manual call points and sounders to intricate networked systems integrating numerous automatic fire detectors, manual call points, and sounders, all linked to multiple intercommunicating control and indicating panels. It provides recommendations regarding the interaction between fire detection and fire alarm systems and voice alarm systems but does not cover recommendations for the voice alarm systems themselves.
  • Note: Recommendations for voice alarm systems and voice sounders are detailed in BS 5839-8.
    • Additionally, BS 5839-1 includes systems capable of signaling to activate other fire protection systems and equipment or safety measures, such as fire extinguishing systems, smoke control systems, or automatic door release equipment. However, it does not apply to the systems and equipment themselves or the ancillary circuits interfacing with them.
  • Note: Recommendations for planning, installation, and servicing of facilities for operating certain fire protection systems by the systems addressed in this portion of BS 5839 can be found in the BS 7273 series.
    • BS 5839-1 does not encompass systems primarily designed to extinguish or control fire, like sprinkler or automatic extinguishing systems, although it does cover the use of a signal from an automatic extinguishing system as one element initiating a fire alarm system.

The public comment period for this update will be open until April 16, 2024. SS Systems encourage participation in this process. For more information and to access the draft for review/comment, please visit the dedicated page on the BSI Standards Development website.

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