Posted February 7, 2017

BAFE is the independent, third party certification registration organisation for the fire protection industry, developing schemes to support quality standards for fire protection companies who want to be a BAFE registered company.

SS Systems has been a BAFE registered company for years and is “third party accredited”. This means that, not only are we authorised and approved to install fire alarm systems, we are also approved to check that systems installed by another company meet up to date legislation.

An independent certification body (which is accredited by the government body UKAS), sends assessors trained in the specific skills required and working to appropriate standards, to inspect the company usually on an annual basis. They check and verify the required competencies and management systems to ensure that the provider can do what they say.

The current schemes maintained by BAFE are established on Active Fire Protection. Active Fire Protection (AFP) relates to Fire Detection (smoke, flame or heat) and alarm systems linked with this, Fire Suppression (controlling or extinguishing of fire) and the construction and maintenance of these systems. As the basis for all fire protection is a competent Fire Risk Assessment, BAFE also has a scheme for companies that provide this service. SS Systems is accredited for SP203-1 which is the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems element.

Is a BAFE registration compulsory for fire alarm companies?

Registering with BAFE is voluntary. SS Systems decided to become a BAFE registered company to give our customers peace of mind and to maintain our quality offering and high level of competence. The level of service we provide to our customers is of paramount importance to us and our BAFE accreditation helps us ensure we maintain that.

Benefits of using a BAFE registered company

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and as an employer or building owner/occupier, you are under a duty of care to take the necessary steps to protect your employees and people within your building from the risk of fire. By specifying and using BAFE registered firms operating independent third party certification schemes you are able to demonstrate that you take that responsibility seriously. Also, many insurance companies how specify that their commercial clients use a BAFE registered company for their fire protection systems.

Why are SS Systems BAFE registered?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our technical knowledge and our installation standards. Being a member of BAFE not only keeps us up to date with legislation, it also assures our customers of the seriousness we place on great customer service and technical ability.