Posted October 4, 2022

SS Systems Active Apprenticeship Scheme

A wise man once said that the “youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow” a sentiment with which the leaders of SS Systems avidly agree.

We have an active apprenticeship scheme at SS Systems and have had much success with our approach. Out of an engineering team of 17, 4 of them are apprentices. Even better, two of them were apprentices and are now successful engineers.

Why we choose to invest in Apprenticeships

As a service business, the more engineers we have, the more we can grow so it’s essential for us to always be active with our recruitment, but as many businesses have seen over the last few years, candidates are getting harder to find. We recognised this quite a few years ago and made the decision to maintain an active apprenticeship scheme. It not only enables us to provide young people with a great opportunity, but also helps us to keep costs down and pass those efficiencies on to our customers.

The best of both, education, and practical experience

Our apprentices spend a certain amount of time securing their qualification in Fire Emergency and Security Systems Level 3. They spend the rest of their time working alongside our engineers.

At SS Systems, we pride ourselves on our engineering team. They are a committed bunch of people who support each other – they have diverse knowledge and if one of them isn’t sure about something, they don’t hesitate to get in touch with another team member for help. As part of their roles, they also understand how important it is to encourage young people into the industry, and take their role as mentors seriously, demanding integrity, hard work and commitment from our apprentices.

Support feedback

One of our apprentices-now-engineer, said pretty much the same when we asked him for his feedback. He said, “The engineering team again is extremely close, and everyone is willing to help each other. I’ve never felt alone or lost within any job or issue as there is always someone to help. Everyone understands we’re all in the same job and we’ve all got a job to do shall we just try our best to help each other out and get jobs done to the best of our capability.”

Further development

It’s not just our engineering team that benefits from our development programme. We have a finance graduate in our accounts department, and recently took someone on via the LifeSkills programme – an organisation that works with young people who weren’t engaged by the school system but want to create a brighter future for themselves.

Reward and success

It’s hard work training and developing young people – but it’s rewarding, especially when you see these teenagers become excellent engineers and members of staff who become integral to the future success of our business.

If you are interested in joining our team, through an Apprenticeship Scheme, please contact us.

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