Posted November 9, 2022


Greenhill Methodist Church

Project Overview

Installation of a Wireless Fire Alarm System

System Type:
EMS Firecell

Project Length:
1.5 Days

Project Summary:

From the initial meeting with the site SS Systems put forward an EMS Firecell system solution.

This is a wireless fire alarm system that would offer the client the flexibility needed as the change of use of the church progresses, and also meant that no disruption to the running of the event/groups already organised could be achieved.

The system can also be easily extended as their building works progress.

It was clear that the budget was important, and we worked with the church to ensure that the installation phases met with their budget forecast. Initially it was agreed to design and install a L5 category of system covering all escape routes and high-risk areas such as kitchens and boiler room.

Our engineer was fully aware that the church would be occupied in certain areas at certain times of the day during the install and this was carefully managed on site as not to cause any disruption. The EMS firecell system was installed and commissioned in 1.5 days and the client left with a fully compliant automated fire alarm system.


The site was undertaking improvement works and approached the local Fire Officer for advice, a phased approach was discussed, and they set out to find the right solution.

When researching into an appropriate system for the church, our client really started with the end in mind. Our client contacted the SSS team to establish the possibilities available.

The church had plans for some major building works in the future to extend. Once completed the thought-out phased automated fire alarm system would be comprehensive to the final building plan, and offered the flexibility required to accommodate all points of the site development.


At the project start, the site’s most recent system installed was a wireless EMS Firecell system and one that the client was happy with. Given the time scales, this was the system of choice to be rolled out across the whole site.

Our established relationship with the manufacturer enables us to work closely with them against tight timescales. We had a 4-day window from receipt of order to engineer the project and process, including all text scheduling. EMS turned the kit around pre-programmed within 5 days.


Our engineers were on site each day from the first Saturday until our final commissioning day, working long hours where required, and completed the install and commissioning within the timescale allocated. We had the support of the site manager allowing arising immediate issues to be quickly resolved..

Client Review:

“The Church has seen a significant increase in footfall throughout the week in recent years, with a demand for use of the whole building by church members of the local community.

The safety and wellbeing of the Staff & visitors is of paramount importance and the installation of the first phase of the fire alarm provides protection for the highest risk areas of the building.

We are grateful to SS Systems for designing and installing a system which meets the Fire Officer and Building Control requirements and aim to upgrade the installation to an L3 category in the next financial year when further funding is available.”

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