Posted December 7, 2022


Budgens Franchise

Project Overview

Single Source Maintenance Contract

System Type:

Fire and Intruder Alarm Systems

Project Length:


Project Summary:

Nine stores within a Budgens franchise, sought to consolidate their servicing for all their fire and security system. The current maintenance schedules were split between several different providers, each offering varying levels of service of which the customer wasn’t satisfied with. We were approached to take over and unify the maintenance contracts, so they were all carried out simultaneously, to the same standard with only one provider to communicate with. Making the client co-ordination roles much easier.


Unknown codes for intruder alarms, resulting in the reprogramming of systems.

Previous maintenance had not been thorough enough, resulting in several of the sites, no longer being compliant to the required standards.

Our recommendations were implemented, and we are now working alongside the customer to create a schedule of works upgrading the retail outlets to current legislative standards.


All sites are now maintained over 4-5 days with one multi-disciplined engineer, pre-scheduled with one on-site contact. Creating minimal disruption to the store outlets day to day administrative duties, giving the client both time and financial efficiencies by sourcing one provider to cover all disciplines.


Some of the sites had a sensitive product utilising a smoke cloak system, they needed to be understood and reprogrammed, without triggering them in error. Our engineers collaborated with their combined knowledge to overcome the challenge.

We also provided the monitoring with specific requirements for each site and re-applied for the police response URN monitoring as this had not been in administered correctly before. Consistent updates to the customer provided them with the knowledge of the level of protection they had in place.

Reprogramming of systems within a short time frame ensured the sites were not without system protection at any time.


They now have systems which are maintained with SS Systems, simplifying their administration, and reducing their costs. We have carried out critical work and created a roadmap to improve the site systems with in the clients future budget.

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