Posted September 26, 2022


Replace an aged non-functional hardwired system to a fully operational School Site.

Project Overview

Installation of Hybrid Fire alarm, Intruder & CCTV Systems.

Panel Type:
EMS Syncro Apollo protocol

Device Type:
EMS Firecell

Project Length:
2 intense weeks with an objective to keep the school operational and open for use.

Project Summary:

De Aston School is a mixed secondary school with academy status in Lincolnshire, England, with a sixth form and boarding house. It has grown over the years, with fire alarms being added as and when required resulting in several different systems across site with differing levels of coverage. The systems were linked together, but personnel did not have full addressability across the site from any panel position. This meant that in the event of a test or activation the building manager would have to go to more than one panel location to silence and reset. In addition, not all areas were adequately covered and as such did not meet the current British Standard 5839

The senior management team realised that they needed to install an up-to-date system across the entire campus. They had the budget for it and time was of the essence.


A limited timeframe to get a new system installed. The site required three control panels, 450 sensors and 22 electrical supplies to support the radio network communicators. This could take anything from 6 weeks to install (for a normal wire-free system) or up to 12 weeks for a hard-wired fire alarm.


We are not a company to shy away from a challenge!

Upto the project start, the most recent system installed was a wireless EMS Firecell system and one that site were happy with. Given the time scales, this was the system of choice to be rolled out across the whole site. Our relationship with the manufacturer is such that we were able to work closely with them to meet the tight timescales. We had only 4 days from receipt of order to engineer the project and submit our order, including all text scheduling to EMS. They then turned the kit around for us pre-programmed within 5 days.

Our engineers were on site each day from the first Saturday until our final commissioning day, working long hours where required, and completed the install and commissioning within the timescale allocated. We had the support of the site manager meaning any arising immediate issues that came up were quickly resolved.


The school needed the installation completing within the October half term holiday, so we had 9 days (including the weekends) in which to complete the entire installation.

Client Review:

“Having this equipment installed has given us a cohesive system across the whole site for the first time in over 30 years. We are able to control from each panel location providing real benefits and traceability in the event of a fire. We only had a very short timescale from planning to delivery and were fearful of missing the opportunity, but that fear was soon put to rest when S S Systems came on board with their determination and professional approach in delivering this project. All departments pulled together, and we were pleased that the project was delivered on time and on budget. Having already had some experience of the EMS Firecell system in one area of site we are now pleased to have it rolled out through the whole school with minimal disruption.”

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