SS Systems Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless fire alarms  provide the same level of protection as standard hard wired addressable fire alarm systems but with the advantage of needing no wiring between the detection devices and control panel.

We have been installing wireless fire alarms for 20 years – our speciality. Many clients have benefited from installing wireless fire alarms in order to protect aesthetics, improve installation speed and add on newer installations to existing systems. We can boast organisations such as National Trust and English Heritage as clients of ours who have installed wireless systems.

What are wireless fire alarms?

Wireless fire alarms consist of the usual parts – control panel, detection units and sounders. The main difference between wireless fire alarms and hard wired systems is that no cabling is required to the detectors. Instead, they use radio signals to communicate with the control panel. This results in minimum disruption of the premises during installation and no sight of the cabling. These wireless fire alarm systems are ideal for business premises, industrial units, heritage buildings, schools, museums, hotels, castles, churches or premises with multiple buildings.

How does a wireless fire alarm work?

The fire alarm system is essential the same as a hard wired fire alarm, but uses radio signals to transmit information from the fire detectors to the control panel. Each fire or smoke detector has it’s own address so that you can identify the location of the fire. The wireless fire alarm control panel will then trigger the wireless fire sounders to safely evacuate your staff and allow the fire service to do their job correctly.

The advantages of a wireless fire alarm over a cabled system?

  • Minimal disruption to your business or routines
  • Faster installation
  • No unsightly cabling
  • Connecting separate buildings into one wireless fire alarm
  • Fire and smoke detectors can be placed in the best location.

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